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Heat engineering

Pro-ecological automation systems for heat engineering

Heat engineering, commercial power generation and renewable power generation are the basic focus of the development of our company. For many years we have co-operated with the largest heat engineering companies. We provide comprehensive service to Clients.


Increasing the energy efficiency of heating equipment


Solutions leading to reduction of harmful substance emissions

Fast ROI

Technologies minimising heat generation costs
We are there to help you. 
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+48 62 735 79 61

The quality of our services is confirmed
by effective operation of automation systems.


We offer pro-ecological solutions which lead to minimisation of heat generation costs and reduction of harmful substance emissions.

We modernise entire heat generation facilities. We design and implement automation systems for:

  • stoker-fired (water and steam) boilers

  • biomass boilers with related facilities

  • gas and oil boilers

  • cogeneration systems

  • pumping stations and hydraulic systems

  • carburising and deslagging systems, and fuel mixers

  • desalination and blowdown systems

  • boiler water treatment systems (water treatment stations, water softening plants)

  • flue gases dedusting and desulphurisation systems

  • turbine systems

  • heat exchangers

  • pressure reduction and cooling stations

  • power supply distribution systems

Our offer includes:

  • technical and economical analysis of the assignment with modernisation recommendations

  • developing a concept of an automation system with consultation with the Client

  • technical design and investment cost estimate (electrical part and control and measurements instruments and automation)

  • selection of measuring devices and site fittings

  • calculations for valves, orifices etc.

  • formal agreements and approval of the project by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT)/Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection (CLDT)

  • supervision during the implementation of the project

  • prefabrication of component units

  • completion of site deliveries

  • on-site assembly and commissioning

  • implementation of control system software (PLC controllers, DCS systems)

  • design and implementation of superior systems (SCADA/HMI) and database systems

  • design and assembly of data transmission structures

  • training for operators and management

  • warranty service and maintenance inspections

  • implementation of state-of-the-art combustion technologies, flue gas treatment technologies and technologies for raw material and power consumption

  • automation and implementation of IT solutions in processes



implemented projects in production processes


years of experience in automation industry


specialists with experience in system design, programming and commissioning