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Water and sewage management

Automated sewage treatment plants and water treatment stations

We offer automation of water and sewage management facilities. We implement control, monitoring and visualisation systems, both in new and in operating units. We service sewage treatment plants and intermediate treatment plants, water treatment stations, intermediate pumping stations and pressure boosting stations.

Comprehensive service

Design, selection of devices, assembly, system commissioning

Full control

Multifunctional, customised control and supervision systems


Metering on the basis of devices of leading manufacturers
We are there to help you. 
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The quality of our services is confirmed
by effective operation of automation systems.


We co-operate with institutions, businesses and individual Clients.

We lead the Client through the whole project – from design and selection of control and measurement and on-site devices, completion of deliveries, assembly of control cabinets and switchgear to on-site assembly and system commissioning.

Scope of service:

For sewage treatment and intermediate treatment plants:

  • metering of the site on the basis of the devices of leading manufacturers

  • integration of factory systems and other into one system with supervisory control

  • preparation of communication and transmission networks

  • implementation of communication with other controllers on site

  • visualisation of data of the whole facility with a possibility of controlling

  • comprehensive measurement, data collection and implementation of control and adjustment systems

  • recording applications of waste dischargers

  • telemetric systems

  • on-site close-circuit television


For water treatment plants:

  • systems for control and supervision of the water treatment process

  • systems for control and supervision of processes of reverse osmosis, deferrisation, softening, degassing, demineralisation, chlorination etc.


For pressure boosting stations and intermediate pumping stations:

  • implementation of systems responsible for maintaining pressure in the power supply area

  • dry run protection

  • protection of network against emptying in case of a breakdown in power supply of deep-well pumps

  • installation of an inverter/inverters and a control unit to control the set of pumps



implemented projects in production processes


years of experience in automation industry


specialists with experience in system design, programming and commissioning