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A trusted partner in key projects

ZPSA Sp. z o.o. is one of the leading integrators of industrial automation. We provide customised, tailored functional solutions which increase the effectiveness and quality of technological processes. Since our foundation in 2005 we have gone a long way full of challenges, which prepared us to implement projects on a top technical level for many industries.

Turnover of ZPSA in 2006-2015 – growth dynamics

We work comprehensively. Every time we develop a system concept for a given technology.

On its basis we develop an electrical design. Then we complete the elements, assemble prefabricated system and carry out Factory Acceptance Test. The next stage includes site assembly, commissioning, tests and site acceptance tests (SAT). This is followed by a startup of the system including calibration of systems of automatic adjustment (in case of processes). Before the start of the operation we often do a test run and check safety systems in the presence of a representative of certification bodies (Office of Technical Inspection, UDT, Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection, CLDT).


implemented projects in production processes


years of experience in automation industry


specialists with experience in system design, programming and commissioning

The handover of the system to the Client’s staff is preceded by an operation and maintenance training. The client may also rely on later technical support (including remote support) and servicing.

Areas of itegration:

  • power generation and electrical power engineering – process optimisation in heat engineering and commercial power generation, monitoring and analysis of the utilities in power supply distribution points
  • gas, oil and fuel industry – automation of extraction systems, processing, transfer, storage and distribution of fuels
  • food processing industry – automation of production processes
  • smelting, mining and chemical industry – automation of technology lines
  • automotive industry – automation and robotisation of production stations and lines, integration with ERP/MES production management, quality control and warehousing systems
  • water and sewage management – automation of intermediate/sewage plants , water treatment stations, intermediate pumping stations, hydraulic systems
  • machinery industry – automation of production lines, robotic stations, palletising lines, processing, welding, sorting etc; production tracking, quality control, product identification and distribution
  • construction industry – Building Automation and Building Management Systems BAS/BMS

The quality of our services is confirmed
by effective operation of automation systems.


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