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Organisational structure facilitating independent task implementation

The organisational structure of the company allows for comprehensive and reliable carrying out of projects in the shortest possible time. From a production perspective, Zakład Przemysłowych Systemów Automatyki Sp. z o.o. is made up of the following departments: Project Department, Completion Department, Assembly and Facility Commissioning Department, and Software and Start-up Department.

We are an independent entity which completes projects independently.

This is why our Clients avoid potential problems related to logistics and information flow between subcontractors and have a guarantee of attractive financial terms.



Project and Marketing Department
  • investment consultancy and tendering
  • development of implementation and modernisation concepts and strategies
  • carrying out technological, energy, electric and control and measurement instruments and automation projects
  • completion of deliveries
  • project supervision
  • co-operation with certification bodies (the Office of Technical Inspection/Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection)
  • investment consultancy and tendering
Completion, Assembly and Facility Commissioning Department
  • prefabricated electrical enclosures/cabinets, switchgear and server rooms
  • full range of on-site assembly for electric and automation industry
  • assembly of site fittings (measuring nozzles and measuring orifice plates, valves, throttling valves/choke valves and servo-motors)
  • assembly of measuring devices (transducers, meters and settlement systems)
  • control system commissioning

Software and Start-up Department
  • developing concepts of control systems
  • implementation of software for PLC/PAC controllers
  • designing HMI/SCADA visualisation applications
  • configuring the communication layer of automation systems
  • creating IT couplings between control, visualisation and ERP/MES supervisory and manufacturing systems of the company
  • creating database system software, e.g. SQL/ORACLE
  • implementation of settlement systems and utility monitoring systems
  • integration with DCS systems
  • creating wireless communication and telemetry structures
  • functional FAT/SAT tests
  • control system commissioning
  • calibration of systems of automatic regulation of continuous processes
  • optimisation of algorithms of process and sequence control
  • technical support and remote system maintenance

implemented projects in production processes


years of experience in automation industry


specialists with experience in system design, programming and commissioning